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A new project can be started or an existing project loaded from a previously saved file.

To keep a copy of the data that is in this form please press on the 'save' icon. You will be prompted for a location on your local machine to save the file. The file (co2 extension) can be loaded at a later date in order to carry out amendments or to add further project stages.

Both the parameters and the outputs produced by this calculator can be printed to a PDF report by pressing on the 'print' icon.

Project Title

Project Stages

Feasibility Not Populated
As-Designed Not Populated
As-Built Not Populated


  • The only inputs required at the 'Feasibility' stage are pipe diameter, average depth and length. If you have additional data please use the 'As-Designed' stage
  • To use a project stage first select the tab below and tick the 'I have ... scenario data' box
  • All the data in the selected projects stages are validated before calculations are run. Any errors are shown at the bottom of the page
  • Results will only be produced if there are no errors with the data


CO2e Estimates (tonnes)